Never ignore the signs of an infection in one or both of your pet’s eyes. It usually does not get better on its own. Untreated eye infections can lead to blindness and intense pain. Fortunately, most eye infections can be successfully treated by a veterinarian or veterinary ophthalmologist. Our veterinarian at Southeast Animal Eye Specialists in Newnan would like you to know how you can tell if your pet has an eye infection.

Changes in the Eyes

Your pet will squint or keep his or her eyes shut. The eye may be red or swollen. The third eyelid, normally hidden away, may be prominent and swollen. Your pet will rub or paw one or both eyes often.

Discharge From the Eye

Pets with eye infections often have discharge from the eyes. It can be watery and clear, or thick and has a bad odor.

Changes in Behavior

Because your pet feels bad, your pet will not act normally. When your pet has a major behavior change, it can be the first sign of a health problem. Pets that are suffering from an eye infection will hide, want to stay in the dark, not want to play, may lose their appetites, and may become aggressive if touched, due to the pain.

Upper Respiratory Changes

Although the most notable changes due to eye infections will be in the eyes, around the eyes, and in behavior, some pets will also sneeze, have a runny nose, or cough. Whether these symptoms appear depends on the cause of the eye infection.

Warning: Your Medicine Will Get Your Pet Sick

Never try giving your pet any eye drops, antibiotics, or other medication that is meant for humans. At best, these medications will not work. At worst, they could poison your pet. Only give medication that has been approved or prescribed by your veterinarian or veterinary eye care specialist.

Get Treatment for Your Pet’s Eye Infection in Newnan, GA

Your pet needs to see a veterinarian right away if he or she is showing signs of an eye infection. If you live in the Newnan area, contact Dr. Storey at Southeast Animal Eye Specialists to learn more about treating your pet’s infection. Call our team today at (404) 809-7410 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.

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