Your pet is an important member of your family. His eye health is critical to his happiness and well-being. The dedicated and caring veterinary staff at Southeast Animal Eye Specialists is ready to serve your pet with state-of-the-art veterinary ophthalmology services. We are your pet’s eye doctor. We work in conjunction with our veterinarians to provide comprehensive eye care and plastic surgery for your pet.

Common Eyelid Disorders In Dogs

Common causes of pet eyelid disorders include growths, abnormal eyelash hairs, and confirmation problems where the eyelids roll in or out. Dogs have a third eyelid that holds a tear-producing gland which is usually invisible. In some dogs, the gland pops out and forms a cherry-colored growth in the inner corner of their eye causing irritation and a condition called Cherry Eye. The surgery used to reattach the gland to its normal location is simple and will ease your dog’s discomfort.

Entropion is a condition where your dog’s eyelids roll inward. The inward roll exposes the eye to rubbing from their fur and can result in pain, infections, and may even damage their cornea. Reconstructive surgery will realign the eyelid relieving your pet’s irritation and discomfort. Conversely, Ectropion is when the eyelid turns out and is inverted causing eye irritations and infections. Surgical reconstruction will correct the inversion and improve your dog’s vision and health.

Why Reconstructive Surgery Is Important

Your pet is a vibrant member of your family. Plastic surgery can improve your pet’s vision, reduce pain, and guard against eye infection. A consultation with one of our veterinarians is the best way to determine if your pet needs reconstructive surgery. It is critical to your pet’s vision to discuss any issues that affect his eyes as soon as you notice something is wrong. Our vet will offer the best treatment options, which may include reconstructive surgery.

Improve Your Pet’s Vision at Southeast Animal Eye Specialists

If you have noticed any issues with your pet’s eyes and need a veterinarian to perform a proper examination, contact our veterinarians at Southeast Animal Eye Specialists. We will determine if surgery is needed to correct the issue. We are your premier pet eye doctors offering veterinary ophthalmology services to the local pet community. Call our office in Newnan, GA today a (404) 809-7410.